Kenosha County Sheriff David BethIn Kenosha County

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cheap nba jerseys Statute 252 states that public gatherings can be forbidden to control outbreaks, and that a person who is knowingly infected may not subject others to the danger of contracting the disease.Kenosha County Sheriff David BethIn Kenosha County, Sheriff David Beth said he's seen few violations."We've had very few calls on any issues with Safer at Home," said Sheriff Beth. "No citations, no arrests, complete compliance by everyone we've dealt with."He noted one recent incident when playtime at a local dog park had to be put on pause.Kenosha County Sheriff's Department"There were too many people sitting at a picnic table, the complainant thought, and the deputy addressed it, and they said, 'Oh, sorry, wasn't even thinking about it,'" said Sheriff Beth.Sheriff Beth said he's working first and foremost to educate residents, and Chief Morales echoed that."We try to message first," said Chief Morales. "We try to educate, but when push comes to shove, we have to do our job, and if things get out of control, we have to do our job, and do the enforcement piece." cheap nba jerseys.