Days after the 2012 verdict, officials said Mubarak's

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wholesale nfl jerseys The cheap nfl jerseys surgery had been extensive, with part of Mubarak's pancreas and a growth on his small intestine removed as well; still, the cancer was growing.Mubarak seen inside a cage in a Cairo courtroom during his trial in 2012.Days after the 2012 verdict, officials said Mubarak's health was deteriorating in prison. Heart problems forced doctors to use a defibrillator to revive him. He was placed on a ventilator several times and slipped into a coma.But he survived and, during a series of retrials, was detained in a military hospital until 2017, when he was finally acquitted by Egypt's top appeals court on charges that he played a role in the killing of protesters, though the conviction on corruption charges stuck.In March 2017, more than six years after the protests that toppled him, Mubarak was freed from prison at the age of 88.In Mubarak's final years, his assets were unfrozen by a Swiss court and his family reunited.Splitting his time between their villa in the upmarket Cairo neighborhood of Heliopolis and their seaside residence in Sharm el Sheikh, according to regional media reports, the man once dubbed Egypt's "last pharaoh" lived out his last days in relative peace and prosperity.. wholesale nfl jerseys

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